The Mission and History of Mya Cleaning Services

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From the desk of the owner...

        Hello, my name is Monica. I am a wife and proud mother of four wonderful boys who give meaning to my existence and are the reason I wake up every morning. All of them are a blessing to my life but I wanted one more blessing, a daughter. When I heard the news that I was going to be a mom once again and this time it was a girl, I cried tears of joy. I know mothers understand the feeling. I was only in the first trimester of my pregnancy but I had her room and clothes already prepared, I even planned her name. Unfortunately, for unknown reasons I could not give birth to her. It was hard news. I understood maybe it was not meant for me so I kept my head up and continued to fight every day for the happiness of my husband and four kids. 5 years ago I moved my family from South America to the beautiful city of Los Angeles. It was a challenge to adapt to a new culture but we never stopped grinding. Now, three of my kids have graduated from college and my last boy is a senior in High School. I was a stay-at-home mom, I cleaned, and cared for all the chores around the house. Trust me, this work is hard and busy, sometimes I wished I had a helping hand. I thought about how hard it must be to complete the house work for the people who already have a busy life. So I thought I would love to be the one to lend a hand. I decided to open this company to help as many people as I can across LA. 

Remember I told you the story about my daughter earlier? how I already had a name figured out for her? That name was going to be Mya. I guess I did end up having a daughter after all and now I am proud to say: Mya is at your service.